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No MIDI output!

Despite the fact you could play MIDI, it appears you have no MIDI output available. You could plug a MIDI synthetizer or even install a software one.

Enable MIDI output!

You must enable MIDI output by doing one of the two suggested setup steps.

After the step, just restart your browser, come back here and have fun!

For Google Chrome: Activate the Web MIDI API

With Google Chrome, you can activate the Web MIDI API in Chrome to enjoy this player. To do so, just enable this experimental feature by copy/pasting the following link in your address bar and checking if the Web MIDI API is enabled:

Otherwise, install the Jazz plug-in

This MIDI Karaoke player is using a very early web technology currently under standardization process.

In order to enjoy this karaoke experience under Windows and MacOSX, please download the Jazz MIDI plug-in, restart your browser and come back here!

Switch output

You can choose a different MIDI output here:


MIDIWebKaraoke is an online application allowing you to play the MIDI Karaoke files (.kar) or even MIDI files containing lyrics.

MIDIWebKaraoke doesn't provide karaoke files, but you can find many Karaoke files on a lot of websites on the web

It is based on Commandor, the MIDIFile project and the WebMIDIAPI or its polyfill.

You can find me on Twitter or read my blog to stay in touch, i'll post the project news there. MIDIly yours, Nicolas Froidure.